MercedesTrophy World Final 2021 Announcement

With great regret, we would like to inform you that the MercedesTrophy World Final 2021 has been cancelled. Despite extensive efforts from all involved stakeholders there is simply no possibility to at this point ensure that the event can be carried out in a manner that is both safe for everyone involved and at the same time the experience that the brand seeks to provide for its most valued guests from all over the world.

MercedesTrophy World Final is the most-awaited and renowned international golf tournament from golfers all around the globe.

Health and safety of everyone involved are at our utmost priority in Mercedes-Benz. The cancellation of MercedesTrophy World Final 2021 is carried out to ensure the safety and to protect the health of our golfing enthusiasts. We trust that the cancellation is the right decision for this current situation.

We also know that if we conduct MercedesTrophy World Final 2021, some participants might go through a disproportional effort of quarantine restrictions – without even knowing what they would look like in early October. We have considered that in our decision and sincerely hope for your understanding.

That said, we cannot wait to welcome you to Stuttgart for the MercedesTrophy World Final 2022 and hope that in the interest of the event, but first and foremost in the interest of simply everyone, the preconditions look a lot better next year. Please stay safe, healthy, and in the very best spirits.

On behalf of Mercedes-Benz Team Golf
PT Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia

Mercedes-Benz Luxury Golf Experience


Dear Golfers,

Greetings from Mercedes-Benz.

This year marks the 25th edition of the most prestigious golf tournament, combining the world of automotive luxury with the passion for golf: MercedesTrophy Indonesia 2021. From March to June, we are proud to have so far reached 7 qualifying rounds of MercedesTrophy Indonesia 2021, making the most possible for our Mercedes-Benz customers with a strong passion for golf.

The remaining qualifiers will be determined at the upcoming qualifying rounds that are planned to be held in the third quarter of this year, when conditions allow, with each round offering two Hole-in-One prizes. It is expected that all finalists from 2020 and 2021 will participate at the MercedesTrophy Indonesia Final, 27 October 2021 in Jakarta. 

The winners of the MercedesTrophy Indonesia Final 2021 will then be awarded the Mercedes-Benz Luxury Golf Experience, to be held in Bali, 17-19 November 2021 as it replaces MercedesTrophy World Final 2021 program in Stuttgart, Germany. Due to the current pandemic conditions, Bali is chosen as the destination for this year’s winners of MercedesTrophy Indonesia Final. Offering world-class golf courses and culinary hot spots, while promising open roads for exciting driving experiences, the “Island of the Gods” will be the host of the Mercedes-Benz Luxury Golf Experience for the first time. Offering world-class golf courses and culinary hot spots, while promising open roads for exciting driving experiences, the “Island of the Gods” will be the host of the Mercedes-Benz Luxury Golf Experience for the first time.

As we value foremost the health and safety of our customers and golfers, the MercedesTrophy Indonesia program follows strict health protocols at all times to present Best-Customer-Experience.

Thank you for your continuous trust and support to Mercedes-Benz. We wish you and your family good health.

MercedesTrophy Indonesia Team



The MercedesTrophy is an exclusive invitation tournament series for Mercedes-Benz customers and potential customers, who are golf enthusiasts. It started out as a tournament series for amateurs at national level in 1989. Then in 1991, both format and the name were changed, and the first MercedesTrophy for customers and friends of Mercedes-Benz took place.

The MercedesTrophy currently has a three-stage tournament structure. First there are invitation tournaments at local level, in which players can qualify for the national finals (as is the case in Germany). The highlight is the world final, which is traditionally held in Stuttgart, Germany.

Those who qualify for the global final will be the players who have won the national in their countries/regions. Play will be according to the Stableford scoring system in three net categories, whereby at each hole the player receives what are known as Stableford points based on the number of strokes taken.

As different handicap systems are used around the world, the MercedesTrophy World Final is played according to the official rules of the German Golf Association (DGV). The general golfing etiquette of DGV and the rules of the hosting golf club therefore apply.


Celebrating the 25th Edition of MercedesTrophy Indonesia

Celebrating the 25th Edition of MercedesTrophy Indonesia

This year, the MercedesTrophy Indonesia is in its 25th Edition. Despite four edition short of its 28 years since its first inception, MercedesTrophy Indonesia has been proven as the most consistent golf tournament ever held by any automotive brand in Indonesia. It is also the longest golf tournament for customers runs by a luxury automotive brand in the Archipelago. If the first MercedesTrophy can be traced back in 1989 and its global presence was started in 1991, the MercedesTrophy Indonesia was held for the first time in 1992, just a year after the event became a world wide tournament series. For its 25th edition of MercedesTrophy Indonesia, once again, all loyal customers and friends of Mercedes-Benz are welcomed to sign up for the 2021 MercedesTrophy Indonesia.

COVID-19 Protection Measures

For the safety of the customers and its representatives, MercedesTrophy Indonesia 2021 follows
strict health protocols at all times by implementing diligent measures, such as cleaning and
disinfection of display vehicles, imposing usage of hand sanitizers, masks, and gloves during the
test drives, and keeping physical distancing at the venue at all times.
Stay Healthy, Stay Well.

The Story of MercedesTrophy Indonesia Champion?

MercedesTrophy Indonesia finalists who succesfully went to the world final in Stuttgart.
Let’s we hear their excitement tournament journeys!

2016 | Rizky Marwan

Joining the Mercedes Trophy World Final is something I would never forget. Playing in Stuttgart together with players from other countries and meeting Martin Kaymer face to face is an opportunity that is unfortunate to be missed. Even though I ended up getting the 3rd place in individual and nation cup, I am proud of this achievement because it is a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you Mercedes for providing the best service while in Stuttgart.

2017 | Okto Syahputra

Being one of Indonesia's representatives to participate in the MercedesTrophy World Final is an honor for me. The MercedesTrophy World Final is one of the most prestigious events for Amateur Golf. To share the pitch with other players from all over the world, competing in an event of this magnitude is a rewarding experience. The sensation of being in the same spot with Bernhard Langer, one of golf's leading players and Brand Ambassador of Mercedes Golf, reaching the individual Runner-up position, winning the Team Nations Cup and getting the Drive To The Major were moments that I did not expect to happen. Only at MercedesTrophy, such surprises can happen and the impression left will never be forgotten.

2018 | Nirwan Santosa

I am very happy to be able to participate in the world Final Mercedes Benz Trophy. It's an Unforgettable experience for me. We are here in Stuttgart, Germany, coming from all over the world representing our country. We can share our stories and experiences with fellow golfers. And what's even more interesting is that we had the opportunity to visit the Mercedes Benz factory and also see the Mercedes Benz museum. The most interesting thing was there was an event where we gathered all the golfers in a place whose names I forgot (sorry). But the event is called Oktoberfest.. where we golfers and residents of the city of Stuttgart join in celebrating the event. In short. If we have the opportunity to join the Mercedes Tropy, don't miss it. Because Mercedes Benz really treats us like a VVIP.

2019 | Andy Gunawan

Unforgettable experience, playing golf with friends from other countries, visiting factories and Mercedes museum, and trying the latest car. Experience playing golf on a mountain at the temperature of 6-13 degree, with a spectacular view, was an unforgettable moment

Passion for perfection

Entering its 25th edition, Mercedes-Benz invites loyal customers to participate in MercedesTrophy Indonesia 2021 golf tournament

Jakarta. Today, Mercedes-Benz announced the return of MercedesTrophy, the renowned international golf tournament that is open to its customers in Indonesia to experience the Mercedes-Benz lifestyle through their passion for golf. This year marks a special celebration of MercedesTrophy Indonesia as it enters the 25th edition, continuing to provide an opportunity for loyal customers of Mercedes-Benz to compete and become Indonesia's representatives at the MercedesTrophy World Final 2021.

About Mercedes-Benz Indonesia

Mercedes-Benz Is a leading German automobile manufacturer, and a multinational division of Daimler AG. The brand is well known for high-quality and advanced technology automobiles, buses, coaches and trucks. Mercedes-Benz Is headquartered in Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. Mercedes-Benz was established in Indonesia in 1970; however, the first ever vehicle in Indonesia - named Victoria-Benz - originated from Mercedes-Benz, arriving in 1894.

Hari Arifianto, Deputy Director, Marketing Communication & PR, PT Mercedes-Benz Distribution Indonesia:

“We are proud to host the MercedesTrophy Indonesia again this year, making the most possible for our Mercedes-Benz customers who are also golf enthusiasts. As part of Best-Customer- Experience, we offer our loyal customers the opportunity to experience what Mercedes-Benz is about: sportiness combined with finesse. This year we have expanded the MercedesTrophy with up to 12 qualifying rounds, making it even more attractive to participate.”

MercedesTrophy 2021

Rules and Regulations

  1. Players must be minimum age of 18 years.

  2. Players must be an amateur golfer.

  3. Players must have a handicap of max 24.0 for male and 36.0 for female. The official handicap index must be enclosed to proof their current handicap index, which is based on the USGA Handicap System.

  4. Players will have to upload the copy of the Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK) of their Mercedes-Benz car in order to be eligible for the participation.

  5. Should ownership in the family name of the registrant, it must be equipped with an Official Family Card (Kartu Keluarga).

  6. Should the vehicle is registered under company name, it must be equipped with an official statement from the Authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer.

  7. Should the MercedesTrophy Indonesia 2021 finalist is a participant with a Mercedes-Benz car on behalf of the company, the he/she is not eligible to participate in the Drive To The Major competition.

  8. Should participants enter the MercedesTrophy Indonesia 2021 National Final, the maximum vehicle ownership is 4 years purchased from authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer outlet in Indonesia

  9. No employees/associates of Mercedes-Benz Indonesia or Daimler AG or dealer partners are allowed to take active part in the MercedesTrophy Indonesian Final 2021 (for customer relationship building purposes participation without competitive scoring is possible and the player will be considered as Guest Player).

  10. Existing and potential customers are allowed to participate in the MercedesTrophy (qualifying round and national final level).

  11. Players may substitute their participation by bringing the Power of Attorney approved by the related Mercedes-Benz Dealer. The substitute player will be considered not as Tournament Player but as Guest Player.

  12. The committee reserves the right to decide the pairing.

  13. Players shall refer to MercedesTrophy Indonesia 2021 National Final Terms of The Competition for further rules.

  14. Entry fee for MercedesTrophy Indonesian Final 2021 IDR 2.200.000 VAT included.

Additional Remarks - Rules and Regulations (MercedesTrophy 2020 Finalist)

  1. Finalist from MercedesTrophy Indonesia 2020 will be automatically enter the MercedesTrophy Indonesia 2021 National Final

  2. The Mercedes-Benz vehicle ownership requirement is limited to a maximum of 5 (five) years from authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer outlet in Indonesia.

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